Automation enables machines and systems to perform tasks without significant human intervention. Tasks that are recurring and executed manually can be completed using automation technology. The scope of automation's advantages spans across various industries, including manufacturing, warehouse management, and the automotive sector, where it plays a pivotal role in streamlining processes, enhancing productivity, and reducing the likelihood of human errors.

To achieve peak efficiency and 24/7 operation, it is fundamental that storage devices offer both high capacity and high read/write performance to process large volumes of data in real time while ensuring system stability. Other than that, strong resistance to external interruptions and advanced power management ensure storage devices run continuously and stably. In the pursuit of smart automation and the enhancement of people's lives, storage devices embedded in automated systems must prioritize high-speed data processing, data integrity, and long-term operational reliability as key factors. These elements collectively contribute to the seamless functionality and convenience of automated systems.


  • Robots
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Automated Assembly Lines
  • Industrial Automation Control Systems
  • Automated Monitoring Systems
  • Automated Testing and Inspection Facilities

Challenges & Solutions

Efficient Storage

High-Performance, High-Precision Processes

High-Quality & Efficient Storage

Transcend's BiCS5 PCIe SSDs and DDR5/DDR4 DRAM modules feature high speeds, high bandwidth, and low latency. Top-tier chips are utilized to achieve stable and reliable data storage. All final products have been 100% tested in-house to make sure the unmatched reliability in all kinds of conditions. These allow automated systems to operate non-stop, increase productivity, and guarantee the minimal system downtime.

High Storage Capacity

Multiple Storage Capacity Options for Clients to Choose

With the ongoing trend of automation and digitalization, data volumes accumulate fast, which requires SSDs with high capacity to satisfy enterprise needs. Transcend offers SSDs with capacity of up to 8TB, which is sufficient for companies to store business data. Large capacity is not the only strength of these SSDs. High read/write speeds are another key feature that allows corporates to process vast amounts of data, increasing storage efficiency.

Stability & Reliability

Uninterrupted Data Transmission

Power Loss Protection (PLP)

In the event of unforeseen power outages, Transcend's Power Loss Protection (PLP) mechanism, an advanced technology implemented in our SSDs, plays an essential part. PLP SSDs come with built-in tantalum capacitors that continue to supply power to the NAND flash and controller when the system power becomes unstable. This proactive measure minimizes data loss/corruption and safeguards important data in the face of sudden power disruptions. The SSDs can be rebooted immediately after power resumes, minimalizing system downtime and guaranteeing the continuity of smooth workflow processes.

Learn more about Power Loss Protection

Adaptation to Extreme Environments

Wide Temperature & Dynamic Thermal Throttling

Transcend's industrial SSDs, memory cards, and USB flash drives can provide a wide temperature range from -40°C to 85°C. Our DDR5/DDR4 industrial memory modules extend this range even further, ensuring reliable performance in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 95°C. This substantial temperature tolerance not only minimizes the risk of system failures but also contributes to an extended product lifespan. Moreover, Transcend employs a dynamic thermal throttling mechanism, which continuously monitors SSD temperature in real time through integrated thermal sensors. This advanced technology is designed to regulate drive speeds as needed, effectively preventing overheating and potential firmware damage, thus ensuring the utmost reliability and longevity of our products.

Learn more about Wide Temperature Learn more about Dynamic Thermal Throttling


Operations in High-Pollution, High-Impact Environments

Value-Added Technologies to Enhance Reliability & Resilience

Automation facilities are often operated in harsh manufacturing environments, such as frequent vibrations, high temperatures, or high humidity. Under this circumstance, storage devices are prone to breakdown. That's why Transcend adopts optimization technologies to improve device durability: Corner Bond forms a strong mechanical bond between key components and PCBs to enhance drive endurance against shocks and vibrations; Conformal Coating is a customization technology that uses acrylic to form a physical barrier against moisture, dust, and other contaminants; Anti-sulfur resistors are utilized to effectively prevent sulfurization of electronic parts; The 30µ” PCB gold fingers prevent components from oxidation and potential damages of chemical reactions, while maintaining signal stability.

Learn more about Corner Bond Learn more about Conformal Coating Learn more about Anti-sulfur

Intensive & Repetitive Operations

SLC Mode

In the realm of manufacturing automation, grappling with repetitive, demanding, and uninterrupted workloads is a prevalent challenge. Transcend's SLC Mode technology offers an impressive solution by significantly augmenting the endurance of flash storage. This is achieved through the simulation of SLC structure on TLC flash, leading to an extension of the device's lifespan, while concurrently enhancing sequential speeds. In fact, SLC Mode devices can endure up to 100,000 Program/Erase (P/E) cycles. What's more, the cost efficiency associated with these devices allows enterprises to expand their operations without incurring an overwhelming financial burden, thereby supporting sustainable and seamless operations.

Learn more about SLC Mode

Consistent & Accurate Data

ECC Mechanism

In the pursuit of system agility and dependable operation, the importance of precise and error-free data cannot be overstated. An ECC (error correction code) mechanism plays a vital role in detecting and rectifying bit errors within storage units, effectively safeguarding against data corruption and damage. This fortifies data transmission, resulting in increased stability and reliability, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of processes and streamlining automation workflows.

Embedded Software Solution: Control Center

To better manage data processing centers, Transcend's Control Center software allows instant management of edge storage devices, either on premise or in the cloud. Transcend also further utilizes the data accumulated to provide a reliable forecast and optimized advice, helping enterprises to analyze the demands and achieve higher cost efficiency.

  • Integrated and user-friendly interface
  • SDK (Self Development Kit) for seamless implementation in different operating systems
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) solution on AWS and Azure
  • OTA device update and efficient management
Learn more about Control Center

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